I have a two and a half year old little boy and recetly we have been playing with socks. He loves to pretend they are puppets. After watching the puppet show on Etsy a few months back, which was hilarious, I started browsing puppets for sale. I will share with you some of my favorites.

I'll start with Stacey Rebecca who put on the Etsy puppet show. She has been a puppet designer, builder, and performer with Elastic Theater for 5 years.

Susie is one of my favorites from her Etsy shop staceyrebecca.
Susie's favorite color is green like her shirt and she has big wide open ping pong eyes!

Next up is Ohmy made by Out of The Box Puppets.

Ohmy loves big hugs and dancing. He even comes with adoption papers. How cute is that!
Out of the Box Puppets specializes in custom puppets, blacklight puppets, (5'7") Life-size Blacklight Puppets, rod arm puppets, specialty puppets (Gooneys and Stringbeans), patterns, kits and more. You can find more puppets on Kidology.

Finally we have Otis, a full body ventriloquist puppet. He is more for the adult kids.

Otis has wildly free hair and few teeth; he is quite the character. Otis is handmade by the talented Sonny Vegas.

Sonny Vegas is a Magician, Comedian and Puppet Creator who has been making puppets for five years.

You can see more of Sonny's puppets on his website.

For more information about the puppet community check out Puppets and Stuff.

Next time, talk to the hand!!!!


Sonny Vegas said...

I am so honored to be one of your favorites. I love making puppets.
I'm still a kid at heart, with adult bills..lol
Thank you so very much!

Good Friends!

Puppet Hugs,

LoveDynamite said...

Wow that last one is really cool:D