Don't Burst My Bubble

I am on a bubble kick right now. My son is loving the bubbles and we have so many contraptions for bubble making. We have electric guns, nospill bubble cups and huge bubble wands.
I have a new design I am toying with that involves bubbles. The hard part is, how do I represent a 3 dimensional, transparent object through silk screen? I have been looking at other bubble objects and found so many different ways to depict bubbles.

Here are some of my favorite items I have come across.

I love these bubble coasters by allisonsphotography
She is a fellow nature lover out of Montreal.

What a perfect graphic for a coaster. They are just asking for a bubbly concoction to rest on them.

She even makes these in a set of eight for parties or in my case, when I start loosing them as I always do!

I love the cool colors and the mix of circular rings with full bubbles.

I also like these funky bubble earrings by jewelera

Derya Aksoy is a multi-talented jewelry designer who creates intricate pieces that can be seen in her blog, Derya's Jewelry.

I like the different sized circles fused together in this cool pattern

I love the colors and swirls in this painting by ttgart
This is actually a 3 print reproduction of the original painting.

I like the white swirls inside the colored bubbles. I like the cool blues with the deep purples and yellow spotted in.

Hmm, this would look lovely in my office. I must resist...