Free Time

So it's 1 AM and Etsy is down for some maintenance. Hmmm, what to do with this rare free time on my hands?
I have been printing shirts for customers all day up until about 30 minutes ago. I toasted an everything bagel and shmeared it with some new creole cream cheese I bought the other day. Yuck! This was not what I was expecting. For something named creole, I thought it would have been a taste explosion in my mouth. Instead, it was something along the lines of cottage cheese and not at all what I was craving. I hate wasting money. I will be sticking to the Philadelphia from now on.
I just thought of the scene from Best In Show where Catherine O'Hara is talking about visiting the Philadelphia Cream Cheese factory to see how they make light cream cheese. I love that movie. "God loves a Terrier..."


emilyspaint said...

Hi, I just received a shirt I ordered from you today-Thank You for brightening up my morning! I knew it was going to be a great shirt-but I wasn't expecting it too be wrapped like a gift with a sweet pin and note! Thank You again,