Chopstick Dahlia

My red dahlias are blooming now. This is one of my most favorite flowers!

Ah, there is nothing more gratifying in my job than pulling the first scoop of ink over a new design.

I just finished my Chopstick Dahlia design last night, burned the screen and rinsed it in the tub at 10 pm. I had to pull the hose with the pressure nozzle through the window and to the tub so the loud noise of rinsing out the screen wouldn't wake sleeping neighbors. I could barely wait until the screen had dried to test it out.

Here is the fruit of my labor, the Chopstick Dahlia.

I am offering it, in my Etsy store, on a comfy and versatile cranberry t shirt dress in a creamy tangerine ink .

Here it is on a beautiful sea blue v neck. I love this shirt and its extra length to cover my bum when I bend over!

I am very influenced by Asian design and was partially inspired by origami paper. I love dahlias and have some deep red ones that have just bloomed and about to bloom.


Sewlutions' World said...

Hello, I was tagged and asked to tag 7 people whom I find interesting. You are 1 of my 7. Please read my blog to find out about the rules. I love your work and blog!


Kerry and Rachel said...

I love this t-shirt. So cute!

Artista Latina said...

This shirt is beautiful, I love the colors and distinct Asian feel. Your clothing is gorgeous, keep up the good work!

mari said...

Hi there, I just found your store and blog while browsing around Etsy. I'm absolutely in awe of your work! best, m