I love ceramics. I have tried it myself in my younger days at camp. I can remember making a turtle whistle that I gave as a gift to my mom a long time ago. Even though it turned out looking more like a dinosaur/ostrich, the whistle worked and I was so proud. I have used the throwing wheel, but didn't get such great results from it. I would love to take a class sometime and get back into ceramics to learn some new techniques or perhaps make contact with ghosts.

I just stumbled upon this ceramics artist and I am in love with her work. Diana Fayt out of Northern California has her own company oneblackbird. She developed a process with ceramics in which she combines all of her loves; drawing, painting, printmaking and clay and refers to it as “as etchings in clay. Her pieces are like a story board, illustrating events and experiences from her own life.

She has made these beautiful "bowling pin" style vases that she calls pin vases. They combine soft colors with elemental line drawings that make for a complex composition but retains a delicate, modern feel. They can be found in a store called Finch located in Austin, TX or you can send an email at diana@dianafayt.com.

She also creates
beautiful plates, bowls and cups. I love deep dish bowls with colors like orange, ice blue and canary yellow.


Mandi said...

Those vases are gorgeous! I'm from Austin, so I'll have to check out that store next time I'm home :)
Thanks for sharing...

niccolina said...

Gorgeous site, and I like the ghost reference, though I admit I didn't catch it on my first pass! I'll definitely be back!