Show me the COLOR!

Oh cold and dreary winter no more. We have finally had some beautiful sunny days after almost a solid month of cold, rainy weather. Spring is nearing but until then, here are some very colorful pieces to brighten up your gray winter day.

Nina Kuriloff is an American painter out of New York.

She paints non-objective works of art as well as landscapes, nudes, renditions of flowers and surrealistic trees. She uses bold colors and curiously curly lines in many of her beautiful works.

I love her nudes and their beautiful curves.
Her female nude with purple and black hair is fantastic in its form and line detail.

This is an original acrylic painting of her imaginary green tree. It is a gorgeous green and once again her line style draws you into the image and wraps you up in her fantasy world.

You can visit her Etsy store Kuriloff for more surreal art.

Andrew Daniel is a painter out of Arcata, California. He uses bold colors and shapes found in nature to express connections in life through his own geometric language.

I really love his flower petals on water acrylic on canvas found on his website. Poetic and reflective indeed!

You can find many of his works on affordable greeting cards in his Etsy shop ArtofAndrewDaniel. Skip the Hallmark and let his art say it all!

Brighten someone's day with this Misty Morning greeting card filled to the brim and layered with all the colors in the rainbow.