Plastic Snap Shot

I've recently become enamored with old timey faded edge photographs. I didn't want to digitally create this effect, but wanted to create an actual large format photo with my camera. I'm not sure that is possible with my deluxe digital camera so I searched a bit online and found out more about the Holga camera that has gained some recent popularity. This light plastic pinhole camera claims to capture images in a more artistic manner, through soft tones, streaming lights and blurred edges.

So I ordered one as well as a bevy of film rolls in large format size color and black and white, 100-800 speeds. I have no idea what to expect from my camera, with the different film brands or speeds, but I am going to have fun trying. I took out the inner frame and filed down the rough ridges so the film wont scratch winding across it. This should allow me to blow out the photo edges. I finished taking the first roll of film today and will be picking up my prints tomorrow. I forgot how hard it is to wait for pictures having had a digital camera for the past 8 years!


joeyandaleethea said...

Wow that camera sounds like lots of interesting fun. Kudos to you because I don't think I have that type of patience for film developing anymore. I look forward to seeing some shots! I also look forward to doing some shots...but that's another story. Hope all's well with you guys. And what ever became of the driveway speeders?