Back to School

So around these parts, most kiddos are back in school. My son has a couple more years before he gets into real school, but I've been looking at the back to school sales and featured items. I found a few things that I can remember having fun with in my school days.
This shirt by Jeremy Boston Designs is hilarious. Who didn't goof off in math class making funny words on their calculators?

I love this citrus sky raglan dress. If only my mom would have made me cool clothes like this for kindergarten! I am hoping CourtneyCourtney will make some little boy items soon.

And finally, I will do a little self promotion here. I bought some cute messenger bags in a dark green and grey slate color. I screenprinted some of my existing designs as well as a few new ones onto the front flap. These are great to carry a few small books, use as a purse or even as a craft/hobby bag to collect items in the field or carry your journal around. Here's my favorite so far. My honey bee and honey comb in moss green.


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