Create your own color palette

I have found just one more addiction to occupy my free time. Thanks to a few forum regulars on Etsy, I have discovered a new web site that allows you to create color palettes. You can name your palettes and even name new colors that you use. Other users are then able to comment and vote on your color choices.

The website, Colour Lovers, is very user friendly. It was quick to sign up with a user id and password. I immediately began my color hunt.

My first palette creation, named Hot Buttered Rum uses warm tones of red, yellow and green.

It has already recieved one love vote!

My favorite color palette I created is called Cous Cous.
It features earthy tones from ochre to olive

I named 4 of the colors in this one.
It begins with cous cous, then sienna (this had been named already, but I would have called it baby poop), steel rod, ash and finally martini.
This palette reminds me of the desert with a moroccan flair. I am waiting for my genie to pop out of her bottle and grant me my wish!


Caroline said...

I love colourlovers, particularly for Web design inspiration!

Steph said...

The cous cous palette is terrific!

I saw posts about Colourlovers too, but I am staying away - etsy, flickr, blogger - I don't need another obsession!

dandelion blu said...

Thanks for adding me to your link list! I am so flattered! I'm new at this whole thing so this is great!

Kerry and Rachel said...

I love it! I am looking for a new "addiction" - this is right up my alley.