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Today I decided to feature the Polar Bear. This furry creature is not one I am familiar with down here in Louisiana, except for the one or two in our zoo, so I have searched for a few interesting facts about them.

Polar bears are a potentially endangered species of a about 20,000-25,0000 living in the circumpolar north from Russia to Alaska, from Canada to Greenland and onto Norway's Svalbard archipelago.

Scientists believe that the polar bear evolved from a group of brown bears that became isolated by glaciers in an area near Siberia. The stranded bears underwent a rapid series of evolutionary changes in order to survive on the ice. Today's polar bear is superbly adapted to life in the Arctic.

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Climate change is the main threat to polar bears today. A diminishing ice pack directly affects polar bears, as sea ice is the platform from which they hunt seals. Although the Arctic has experienced warm periods before, the present shrinking of the Arctic's sea ice is rapid and unprecedented.

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Polar bears are the world's largest land predators They top the food chain in the Arctic, where they prey primarily on seals.

In all of Canada, only seven people have been killed by polar bears in the past 30 years.In the U. S. (Alaska) during the same time period, only one person was killed.

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Adult male polar bears weigh from 775 to more than 1,500 pounds. Females are considerably smaller, normally weighing 330 to 550 pounds.

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Pregnant female polar bears den up in the fall after feeding heavily in August and September. Most choose den sites in snowdrifts along mountain slopes or hills near the sea ice. Others den in banks of snow on the frozen sea.To build her den, the female scrapes a tunnel into the snow and digs two chambers. She gives birth to her cubs in November or December.

Polar bears are fastidious about staying clean. In the summer, the bears typically feed for twenty or thirty minutes and then head for a pool of water in which to wash off.

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