Baton Rouge Kite Festival

Yesterday we spent the afternoon across the river at the Kite Festival. Although the weather never cleared up and was a bit overcast, it was actually great for flying kites, and many other people agreed that the winds were cooperating. There were tons of colorful kites dotting the grey skies all day. A huge red octopus greeted us along with a cajun band, complete with someone playing a washboard, when we walked into the festival. Smells of fried shrimp, sausage and cotton candy wafted through the air tempting my taste buds.

We cafefully waddled through tangled webs of kite string across the large open field to the kite making tent so Lucas could make his own kite. After trying to fly his little paper kite for a while, we decided to make a little investment and I picked out 2 traditional style triangle kites, a blue and a purple. We flew those kites the rest of the afternoon and had a great time.