Studio Space

I am anxiously awaiting my lease on my brand new studio space. I am a bit nervous about the extra cost each month for the rent but I think it will be well worth it. I am so excited to finally get everything out of our overcrowded house and have space to work. My poor son doesn't even have a room to call his own right now since it is filled to the ceiling with storage bins of inventory. We will be able to eat on the dining room table again. We will also finally be able to finish the front bathroom that I have been using for storage and as my darkroom for coating my screens.
I am dreading the move a little bit. I have about 100 plus screens that must be carefully transported so that they don't tear, numerous containers of ink and squeegees that must be cleaned, and lots and lots of clothes. Then the big things like the dryers, shelving units and the press will take some muscle. Everything has to be done quickly too so I can be all set up and ready to print right away, but I know I will be even more creative in this new space.


mamaof2girls said...

He he he, I'm memeing you. The rules are in my latest post
Have fun!

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Nicole said...

It looks like a very nice building - I'd love to live somewhere that cute!