Curious about Gocco

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in the Gocco printer, the Japanese home printing machine. The Riso company has discontinued its manufacturing and in turn, sparked a small uprising in the crafting community. Check out the save gocco here.

Flower art By mocchi mocchi

Being a screen printer myself, I became curious about this small, all-in-one printing unit. It seems you can find them at auction sites going for well over $200.00 when they are originally around $95.00. Similar to the high demand for the gaming systems, they are fetching a nice price, even used.

After discussing the pros and cons of the Gocco with a good friend who used one to print cards and t-shirts, I have decided it is not for me. That is not to say it is not for everyone. Here are some amazing Gocco prints I have stumbled upon in my quest.

This is another favorite of mine from
mocchi mocchi

There are many more beautiful prints to choose from.

Another technique used with the Gocco is stamping. You can purchase special kits for use on different mediums. I found this artist who creates beautiful patterns to use with her Gocco stamp.

Here are some classical style stamp patterns I found from Lara Cameron out of Australia

She has an Etsy shop, kirinco, filled with delightful jewelry and prints as well

Print Addict Japan sells Gocco supplies on Etsy too.
Welsh Products is another supplier.

Here are a few links to check out if you are interested in
using a Gocco
You Tube tutorial
Flickr photo tuturial
Makezine tutorial
Ingafruit Blog tutorial
The Small Object Blog tutorial
Paper Source Video tutorial
Stamp Blog

Don't forget your card stock!

I recently purchased 2 sets of cards from Heather Toupin of heatherjeany. She has a modern line of prints perfect for any occasion.

For myself, I selected the goldfish. This is a delicate design printed in a shimmering gold ink onto a mix of A2 size beautiful blue and green note cards with stylish rounded corners and corresponding glittery gold envelopes.

I also selected the tall giraffe. It too is a detailed print in a shimmery bronze on a cheerful set of orange and red cards with matching chartreuse envelopes.

I can't wait to send these cards out to clients and friends; don't forget about the art of writing now. I love "real" mail.


Astrid said...

Hello Alison!

How are you? Some minutes ago I contacted you about your etsy shop and now I chekced out your blog. Wow, those blue cards are wonderful! I love them! Happy Saturday!

Stephanie said...

That Gocco sounds amazing! I want you think I can still find one?